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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Metallic Mineral Eye Shadow

Alicia Keys SUPERWOMAN Video

This week I applied my metallic 24k Gold Mineral Eye Shadow to Christine.  She already had black eyeliner and mascara on.  Using a tapered eye shadow brush, I dipped the brush into the 24k Gold Mineral Eye Shadow powder, tapped off the excess powder and pressed the color onto her eyelids blending up above the crease and blending out the edges.  I used just a tiny amount of the 24k Gold Mineral Eye Shadow powder on the tip of the brush, tapping off the excess and applied carefully under the bottom lash line.  To complete the look, I used our new Brow Highlighter, a see-thru shimmery white. just under the eye brow and blended into the 24k Gold Mineral Eye Shadow :

Application notes:  We applied the eyeshadow sparingly to give a subtle look for an 18 year old.  The camera did not pickup the actual sparkle of both the 24k Gold and Brow Highlighter mineral makeup eye shadow. 

TIP How To Apply Glittery Shadow, May 2011 issue of Allure Magazine 
"If glitter from your eye shadow falls onto your cheek, roll a piece of Scotch tape onto your fingertip and use it lightly to lift off any flecks", says makeup artist Troy Surratt.

Face Value Cosmetics Sparkling Mineral Eye Shadows

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