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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A World Wide Approach To Mineral Eye Shadows

MODERN SAFARI is a collection of 7 matte and semi-matte mineral eye shadows that represents the Serengetti ecosystem in Africa:MODERN SAFARI EYE SHADOWS
Tiger Eye
Olive Green
Purple Haze
Onyx Shadow Liner

ORIENT EXPRESS is a collection of 7 pearlescent mineral eye shadows that represents  the Opulence of the Orient:ORIENT EXPRESS EYESHADOWS
Amber Mist
Coral Pearls
Lavender Jade
Oriental Jade
Pacific Rim
Expresso Shadow Liner

URBAN ROMANCE is a collection of 7 shimmering mineral eye shadows that represents the Fantasy Romance genre: URBAN ROMANCE EYE SHADOWS

See Thru
Silver Violet Fusion
Romantic Rose
Violet Pearls
Twilight Blue
Black Diamonds Shadow Liner

GEOLOGICAL is a collection of 7 sparkling rock & roll shades representing the gems and metals found in our earth: GEOLOGICAL EYE SHADOWS
White Diamonds
24k Gold
Bronze Sparkle
Antique Silver
Antique Gold
Antique Copper
7th Shade to be determined

After our July eye shadow review, we decided we needed to have a clearer vision.  Many of the 28 shades shown above are colors we had before.  Perhaps the name was changed [Cashmere is now Kasmir], maybe we gave it a different base [Espresso Matte Liner is now Oriental Express Collection Expresso Liner in a pearlescent base], we might have even eliminated some disappointing shades or added some new shades. If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact us.  By the end of the month we will be offering these shades in collection sets of 7 and a complete set of 28. MINERAL EYE SHADOWS

We have a winner for our antiACNE Gel Facebook Giveaway for September. 
Congratulations to:  Marjon Scheffer of Scarborough, Queensland
Our Random Drawing October giveaway will be a free mineral eye shadow of your choice from the above eye shadows, packaged in our standard 5 gram sifter jars and shipped worldwide for free.  This random drawing will be done on November 1 for all of our Facebook Fans.  Please LIKE US on Facebook before that date to have your name included in the drawing.  Look for the winner to be announced in our blog and in a Facebook Status Update on our wall.

The October Website sale will be 15% off any eye shadow packaged 1g powder in a 5g sifter jar.  

We now are offering Rotating Sifters for 20 gram and 30 gram jars.  You can order these sifters separately or with a jar set.  ROTATING SIFTER JARS

CLOSING NOTE: We will be closed Thursday October 6 through Monday October 10.  Orders can be placed during this time, however packaging and shipping will be done on a first come-first serve basis beginning on Tuesday October 11.