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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taming those wild brows

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"You have seen what a difference a great frame can make to a painting. It is the eyebrows that form a frame for your eyes. Beautifully groomed eyebrows make a huge difference.  It is possible to transform a face with just tweezers, shadow , a brow brush and a brow gel.  A professional will help you find your ideal shape.  Once the brows have been groomed, it is easy to do your own upkeep." Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
 "In addition to telegraphing feelings, eyebrows frame the face and create clear boundaries for eye makeup, which is why keeping them well groomed is so important. The cleaner and more artfully shaped they are, the more open, uplifted and symmetrical your face looks.  In fact, many makeup artists assert that if your brows are in great shape, you need almost no other makeup to look polished and pulled together.  Some enthusiastic pros even venture to say that a good brow-grooming is almost as effective as a facelift." Getting Gorgeous from InStyle

Tweezer Care When tweezers get dull, which happens with repeated use, they are no longer as effective at grabbing on to and removing small hairs. You can take them to a knife shop for sharpening. Some of the better brands, such as Tweezerman, come with a lifetime guarantee that includes free sharpening whenever necessary. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual  [who knew?]

Allure Magazine, Insiders Guide p84 June 2011
ASK ALLURE Dermatologist Patricia Wexler
Q    I overplucked my brows, what can I do?
 A  There are several ways to help regrow your brows.  Minoxidill, the ingredient in over-the counter hair-growth products such as Rogaine is one.  Dip a cotton swab in the solution and run it over your brows.  Latisse, the prescription treatment that lengthens and thickens lashes also works on brows.  Paint it on carefully; with daily use, you should see results in 12-16 weeks.

Prevention Magazine April 2011
The key to making brow powder, pencil and gel look natural is to use the right hue.  "My rule of thumb is to choose a color that's a shade or two lighter than your hair" says Kristie Streicher.  It ends up looking more natural because the colors usually go on darker than you expect.  In general, medium brown suites brunettes, warm brown is best for redheads and taupe is best on blondes and those with gray hair.  

Face Value Cosmetics offers several deeper matte shades suitable for filling in brows.  I would recommend you look at  our matte Bark, Shroom, Woods, Cocoa, Espresso and Onyx shades:

On a personal note, I have a poll on my FACEBOOK PAGE asking for your opinion on your interest in a clear brow gel and mineral mascara.  Please participate.  Your input will help me decide if I should add these products to our makeup line. Thanks~Nancy

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