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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lavender Shimmer Eyeshadow

For your listening pleasure

Last week I made a beautiful new Lavender mineral eye shadow shade with a subtle pearlescent shimmer.
Lavender Shimmer Mineral Eye Shadow*

Christine sat patiently while I did a subtle smoky eye using Lavender Shimmer on her.  Christine had already applied her eyeliner and mascara.  To begin, I used the Lavender Shimmer as the base shadow, applied over the entire eye lid. Very nice for day/work.  Then we added Peony Pink Shimmer just in the center of the lid to add highlight. We then added dimension with Violet Pearls in the outer corner of the eye, drawn up into the crease and also pressed gently below the bottom eye lashes.  We tapped the extra powder off the brush before pressing the eye shadow powder into place. The powder stays in place better and there are fewer fly-aways.  We used a flat oval brush for the Lavender and Peony, an angled brush for the Violet Pearls and a fluffy brush for blending.  Hmmm... we could have added a brow highlighter & brought the color up to the brow bone, but we were going for 'subtle' after all~

Allure Magazine May 2011:  Fresh Picks Page 172:  ALLOVER LAVENDER article suggests:
MAKE THE EYES SMOKY use 3 shades in the same color family for a gradation in color.  Apply the lightest color on the lid, the medium color from lid to crease and the richest color near the lashes.
TRANSPARENCY IS KEY for the sheerest application, use a fluffy blending brush to meld colors together.
CREATE COLOR HARMONY pink blush and lilac lip colrs work well with smoky purple eyes.

Please see my Facebook Page with a link to an excellent video [not by me] on creating a smoky eye.

Please see our shimmering mineral eye shadows on our website.
Shimmering Classic Mineral Eye Shadows

*Ingredients may include: Sericite, mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, boron nitride, magnesium myristate, chromium oxide, ultra marines, magnesium stearate, carmine & iron oxides.

On a personal note, I am going to try to post to my blog once a week.  As I learn how to do this I will try adding different content in varying ways. I will try not to bore you. I hope to make the blog interesting & informative, yet entertaining. Please post your suggestions.  ~ Nancy 

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