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Monday, April 18, 2011

Progress, Problems & Procrastination

Sitting here with a cup of Bengal Spice herbal tea, relaxing for a bit after a busy day.

Progress.... Thanks to the suggestion from Tienne, I contacted my website's support team and they were able to place a link to both my Facebook Page and Blog in the left nav area of my main page under Information.  I wish I had the icons, but for now this will work.  Also, I have begun entering products in my Facebook Payvment app. & hope the products will be available for purchase directly from my Facebook Page soon.

Problems....The United States Postal Service had a rate increase take effect today.  Their website Shipping Assistant is where I print my combination customs/shipping labels for 1st Class International mail packages  I had 5 orders packaged and ready to ship overseas to Russia & Poland and their website would not calculate postage or print. If there are still problems tomorrow morning, I will have to do the labels & customs forms manually.  Thankfully the shipments within the USA were printed using Paypal Shipping Labels and there were no problems.  In the morning I tried to send out a 15% discount on a $15 order to my Facebook Fans in celebration of Earthday, but I don't think it worked.  Tomorrow I will try it again.

Procrastination....The ArtFire Social Network Bootcamp post today was about Blogging!  Maybe I should have read it before writing this.  For now my I am channeling the blogging knowledge I obtained from watching the movie Julie & Julia!


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