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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

41 Eye Shadow Review & Free Sample Offer

41 Eye Shadow Review
In July we were testing and wearing all 41 of our eye shadows with a critical eye for color, texture and wearability.  Also, we needed to pare down to 25 eye shadows. See which eye shadows made the cut and why. Results in red:

FISTFUL OF LOVE, Antony & the Johnsons

Velvet Matte Eye Shadows
Cream Matte is a soft delicate warm cream 
We unanimously loved cream.  It goes on nice and smooth and is actually a semi-matte with a bit of golden shimmer seen in the sunlight. It's a keeper and I will wear it more often.  Especially nice in summer.
Beige Matte is a soft neutral beige
Beige is a great neutral that goes on smooth and even and is almost invisible on the eye lid.
Tiger Eye Tan Matte is a soft & wearable warmed tan
Tiger eye tan was a pleasant surprise. I liked it alot. Good for warm/golden skin tones.  Tried a combo with Cream and loved it.
Peach Matte is a soft delicate delicious peach
Peach will be discontinued. We were not entirely pleased with the color and texture.
Woods Matte is a soft sweet neutral medium brown
Woods is a keeper.  It is smooth and good for the lid plus in the crease and outer corner for a smokey eye.
'Shroom Matte is a deeper taupe mushroom
We liked this color a lot. It compares closely in color to Bark, but we prefer the texture of Shroom.  We may change the name.  Morel?  Portabella? Mushroom?
Spanish Moss Matte is a graceful green/brown
This has always been a favorite of mine. Very nice texture and wearability.  It is a brownish green, but I would like to add just a tad more green to the color.
Bark Matte is a soft taupe
See Shroom.  This shade will be discontinued.
Orchid Matte is a delicate soft orchid
Although we liked the idea of having an orchid, the color & texture just never lived up to it's name. Discontinue.
Plum Smoke Matte is a smoky plum semi-matte
We unanimously love plum smoke.  It goes on smooth and easy.  Smokey plum semi-matte color. 
Smoke Matte is a deep plum/charcoal gray
I looked at this and thought, I don't think I will like it.  Was I ever surprised! I loved the smooth texture, easy to apply and the color is really a blue/gray instead of a plum gray.  I will need to change the description.
Cocoa Matte Liner is a luxurious warm deep brown
Cocoa is just so close in color to Woods and we didn't need 4 liners, so it is being discontinued.
Espresso Matte Liner is a rich highly pigmented brown/black
I loved this. By mistake, i picked up a lip brush with some residual castor oil on it to apply as liner, and the oil in the brush helped this to go on really nice and smooth and clean with few fly aways.  I will give some thought to this. Process with oil? Offer in a cream or gel? Suggest this in tips?  
Onyx Matte Liner is a rich highly pigmented cool black onyx
This is a standard black eye liner.  Devon used it for her plum smokey eye in the outer crease and it looked fabulous.

Shimmering Eye Shadows
Brow Highlighter is a soft 'see-thru' white shimmer 
This shadow had been recently changed and we love the results.  It blends from brow to crease perfectly! Then put an extra dab just under the arch. Perfect!
Nude Shimmer is a delicate pale blush
Nude was a disappointment.  Really just too light a color and texture. Will be discontinued.
Salmon Shimmer is a golden iridescent pink 
Absolutely loved it.  Similar in shade to nude, but with a depth of color and creamy texture we all love.  Should we change the name?  Does a fish not appeal to an eye color????? Shaded Coral??
Sparkling Champagne is an elegant golden champagne
We like the idea of Champagne, but the color and texture are disappointing. To be discontinued.
Amber Mist is a soft & beautiful golden amber
This is a favorite of my Australian customers with good reason. Nice color and texture with good wearability.
Cashmere is a soft & beautiful medium brown!
This is a favorite of mine, feels like a soft cashmere sweater.
Suede  is a beautiful rich brown with golden highlights
This is exactly as described, but what is lacking in the description is that this is an intense color.
Swiss Milk Chocolate is a delicious milk chocolate 
This was meant to be temporary at Christmas, and will be replaced with one Chocolate shade.
Mayan Spice Chocolate is a delicious cayenne spiced chocolate
This was meant to be temporary at Christmas, and will be replaced with one Chocolate shade
Belgian Dark Chocolate is a delicious dark chocolate
This was meant to be temporary at Christmas, and will be replaced with one Chocolate shade.
Peony Pink is a pink with attitude
!This pink is lighter than I remembered and satiny in texture.  I may deepen the color.
Sparkling Wine is an elegant purple red wine
We like the idea of Wine, but the color and texture are disappointing. To be discontinued.
Violet Pearls is a deeply complex & expressive iridescent violet
An original color, we still love this and stay committed.
Midnight Blue is an exotic purple royal blue 
This color just doesn't fit in with our range. It will be discontinued and replaced with a new blue. Mood Indigo?
Lavender Shimmer is a subtle light blue purple pearlescent shimmer
This color is very nice and I like the texture and wearability.  It was for summer 2011 and I am not sure if it will be continued.

Sparkling Specialties Eye Shadows
Silver Violet Illusion is silver with the illusion of iridescent violet
I love all 3 illusion shades.  This is almost a sterling silver that irridesces to violet in the light.
Vintage Gold Illusion verd green with the illusion of iridescent gold
I love all 3 illusion shades.  This is almost a silvery sage green that irridesces to gold in the light
Copper Bronze Illusion is copper with the illusion of iridescent bronze
I love all 3 illusion shades.  This is a silvery bronze that irridesces to copper in the light.
Diamond Turquoise is a Mediterranean Blue/Green and Diamonds 
This is just a beautiful color.  The texture is good.  I would like to keep it.
Diamond Sapphire is a Jewel Sapphire Blue and Diamonds 
We decided that although we love the color, it is just too blue for eye shadow.  It will be discontinued along with Midnight Blue and the two shadows replaced with one new blue... Mood Indigo?
Black Diamonds Liner is an exotic sparkling black luxurious eye liner
This is a favorite with my customers.  Similar to Onyx, but with some sparkle.  Thinking of changing this to a gel or cream in the future.
White Diamonds is a precious white sparkling gem
In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale
24k Gold is all out golden sparkle
!In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale
Bronze is a brilliant metalic sparkle
In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale
Antique Copper is a gorgeous metallic hammered copper satin
In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale
Antique Gold is a gorgeous metallic verd green satin
In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale
Antique Silver is a gorgeous metallic steel blue satin
In the future, this eye shadow will only be offered in bulk for wholesale

In summary, we had fun and learned a lot about our eye shadows.  I hope this review has been helpful to you. We will be adjusting our formulas, listings and inventory based on the results of this review and maybe adding some exciting new shades. Thanks to my helpers, Christine and Devon.

Free Sample Offer
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