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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take A Powder!

Mineral Finishing Veil
5 Reasons To Take A  Powder
Excerpts from Cindy Crawford's BASIC FACE

  1. Finishes a bare face Veil will give skin a polished appearance, even if you skip foundation.
  2. Blends and corrects makeup Veil unifies texture and helps blend out makeup edges.  It will also lighten up too heavy makeup by simply adding powder.
  3. Promotes Longevity Makeup lasts noticeably longer with powder.
  4. Sets Makeup Veil makes everything stay put!
  5. Stops Shine Veil is the ultimate absorbing powder, absorbing unwanted moisture.

FVC Mineral Finishing Veils 
Choosing Color & Texture
Bare face? match your skin tone
With foundation go with a slightly lighter shade

Most Mineral Finishing Veils are Matte texture
Some newer veils add a bit of shimmer

Putting It On
  • Make sure you don't have any mistakes since powder sets whatever you put it on
  • Use the least possible amount of powder, you are not supposed to see it, only its effect
  • Apply  lightly and evenly so as to not look patchy
  • Shake off excess powder from brushes before applying
  • When using a puff, lightly press on face and roll
  • Blot moisture on face with tissue before using mineral finishing veil to avoid clumping

Dust a layer of powder under eyes to catch the inevitable fallout of eye shadow.  When finished with eyes simply brush powder away and it will take the eye shadow fallout with it!

Our 40 eye shadow review is underway.  Look for the results in a blog the end of July.


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